Examinations - Guidelines to Candidates for appearing in University Examinations

1. No Supplementary answer-books will be issued. Write on each ruled line. Please do not waste pages unnecessarily.

2. Make all due entries on the cover page very carefully & only at the space provided for the purpose. Please enter your Roll Number carefully on the answer-book.

3. Leave two line space after completion of answer of each question or part there of.

4. Bringing cell phone/ programmable calculator (i.e. having memory capacity of more than six numbers)/ communication devices in the examination hall is strictly prohibited. Exam conducting authority will not be responsible for the custody of such articles. However, use of scientific calculator is permitted.

5. The examination will commence as per programmer of Examination to be notified later on. The doors will be opened, on the first day half an hour before and on successive days 15 minutes before the scheduled time. No candidate will be admitted after half an hour of the commencement of the examination on any day.

6. A seat with his/her roll number will be allotted to each candidate and a answer-book to write the answer will be issued in the examination hall. Candidates are required to find and occupy the seats allotted to them.

7. During the course of examination, the candidates shall be under the discipline and control of the Centre Superintendent and shall obey all orders issued by the Superintendent in all matters relating the Examinations.

8. Urinals for use of examinees shall be provided by the centers and every examinee shall be required to use one of those urinals only.

9. Candidates should note carefully and see that the questions required to be answered in separate answer books, are answered in separate answer books. If they fail to do so, questions of only one section will be examined and those of the other section will be treated as cancelled.

10. Where candidate changes ink while he/she is answering a paper, he/she should bring this fact to the notice of the Room Superintendent on duty who will record this fact at the appropriate place and affix the Director's (Exam.) facsimile stamp with BLUE INK only.

11. Candidates should note carefully that it shall be deemed an offence amounting to cheating if they write answer to the same question more than once.

12. Candidates must write the words “The End” at the end of the last answer in their answer books.

13. No candidate should leave any blank page in between any two answers in the answer book. If a page or two is/are inadvertently left blank the letters “P.T.O.” must invariably be written on that page or pages for the guidance of the examiner.

14. Candidates should not leave the Examination Hall without handing over their answer books to the Room Superintendent.

15. Candidates are warned against writing their Roll Nos., Names, Enrollment Nos. or make any other sign or mark inside their answer–books. Any breach of this instruction is liable to be penalized.

16. All candidates are required to bring their own pens and to use blue ink only for answering their question papers. They should not bring any text books or notes with them in the Examination Hall.

17. Candidates are forbidden from writing answers (or anything else) on the question paper or on the admission card.

18. Candidates should read the Question Paper and the instructions carefully before they begin to write their answers.

19. A candidate found guilty of use of unfair means or disorderly conduct at or in connection with the examination or violation of the preceding rules or personal approaches to the examiner concerned will be liable to sever action under the provisions, contained in Ordinance. The candidate will be supplied with a copy of the charge sheet immediately after the examination in the paper is over and asked to submit his/her written reply on the charge sheet and also to sign the material recovered from him before leaving the examination centre. The superintendent, if needed will also give him personal hearing. If the candidate refuses to give his/her statement on the spot and/or refuses to sign the material recovered or leaves the centre without giving his statement or if he/she is found guilty of showing disorderly conduct, a notice will be sent to him/her under registered cover calling upon him/her to show cause why action should not be taken against him/her for using unfair means and/or showing misconduct. Such cases will be decided by the University in absentia on the basis of the report of the room superintendent/ centre superintendent and the reply, if any, received from the candidate and no representation or protest from him/her will be entertained afterwards.

20. No enquiries by telegram or post concerning results will be answered by the Registrar/ Director (Exam.). Candidates must wait for the announcement of their results in the newspaper & on the authorized web sites.

21. No guarantee is given to the candidates regarding the order of the question papers.

22. In case the original Admission Card is lost, its duplicate copy may be issued on receipt of an application through the proper channel along with a fee announced separately for the same. However, during the period of examination, the center superintendent against a fee of Rs. 25/- will issue the duplicate admission card for such cases. Such admission cards will be valid only for the day on which issued.

23. If a candidate decides to stop his writing of examination before one hour of the termination of exam, he/she will not be allowed to take away his/her question paper. He/she should leave it with the room superintendent and can take it from him/her at the end of examination. However no candidate should be allowed to leave examination hall for any purpose within first hour of the commencement of examination.

24. Candidates are required to answer their question paper in English only.

25. If a candidate/candidates boy-cott any paper/examination, it shall be at his/ her own risk.

26. Smoking and other intoxicants are strictly prohibited in the Examination Hall.

27. The candidates must necessarily number the questions, which he solves in the Examination Hall.

28. Complaints against question-paper if any should be submitted to the University through the Centre Superintendent concerned within 3 days from the date of the examination for the paper concerned, after which no complaint will be admitted.

29. All Court cases shall be subject to the Jurisdiction of the Rajasthan Technical University i.e. KOTA and not at any other place.