Technical Forum - Objectives

  Tech. Forum is a branch of SAC that brings all the sharp technical minds on a common platform wherein they    compete with each other and outshine in different technical aspects.

 We see the basic talent in each student and then nurture them to outgrow their credibility for a better    tomorrow.

 With each passing day Tech. Forum adorns a new hat in terms of achievements of the students. Maximum    participants come back with cherry faces and of course winning trophies.

 Several in house seminars, quizzes and paper presentations sharpen the skills of the students and give them a    cutting edge when they participate outside the college.

Responsibilities :

  To observe BMIT discipline and all other policies and procedures. Violation of these standards could result in loss    of college recognition.

  To provide the SAC office with an annual report of the following

   a) Goals, objectives and proposed activities for the coming year.

   b) Names of most recently appointed officers.

   c) Complete list of members in the club, including each member's full name, college ID, branch and contact no.

   d) A record of meetings and attendance.