Alumni Association, BMIT

It is always good to find classmates and their where about. This site of BMIT help you find all senior students and old class mates from this college. You can add your name and whereabouts to the list by filling the membership form so that your class mates and other Alma Mater can find you.

No matter how far we go in life, we are still going to remember those four years at BMIT. Tension, trouble, turmoil, fun, laughter, joy and other small pleasures attached to achievements...we have experienced, both end of the spectrum.

All those sleepless nights before examinations, the nail biting tension at the result times, all these things we would like to share once again with our friends and class mates to laugh and laugh about those beautiful days.

To relive those moments of nostalgia, just get ready for trip down the memory lane through this site of Alumni Association of BMIT , Jaipur (Rajasthan), India.