International Student Exchange Guide

The Student Exchange Program provides students the opportunity to study at BMIT, Jaipur. Meet students from around the world and take the time to travel across the states of India. There is no better destination than BMIT to combine a first-class education with an incredible adventure!

English is widely spoken on campus, but you will also have a chance to learn Hindi and countless other languages spoken by the diverse student population.

Visa procedure

Please check the Visa information on the following website: In order to apply for a student Visa, you will need documents of BMIT that state that you will be studying at our institution. To obtain these documents, please contact the IRO email We will be pleased to help you.

International Health Insurance

Students coming to India should apply for an International Health Insurance that covers their stay. There are special international student health insurances available, which are tailored at your needs. If you need any help finding a suitable health insurance, please contact us at