Outreach - Project & Programmes

BMIT Youth Club - 'RADIANT' :

BMIT Youth Club—RADIANT has been started with the purpose of giving our students a wholesome experience. Besides activities related to sports and other activities related to personality development, our students also devote their time for social service.

The aim of this club is to setup emotional linkage between fast changing Indian society through service and future corporate managers. We at BMIT very strongly believe that our new new generations of corporate world must have some social responsibility.

They should take certain measures for the upliftment of the people below poverty line. In fact, they motivate many other privileged sections to work for the downtroddens. The social service wing of our youth club has been divided into four groups.

Activities for Group For Street Children: The students from our BMIT youth club visit the home for the Street Children. There they teach them, help them with their school homework, teach them the use computers and also play with them. They enthuse in them the motto of making it big someday. They guide their parents to let them continue with their studies. They give proper attention on every one of them and meticulously try to sharpen their talents. The students try arranging stationeries for these youngsters and hence help them to shape a better future.

Activities for Group For Old Age : The groups of students of BMIT visit the old age home on Tonk road. There they talk with the elderly, make them feel wanted, share their views on various topics; some of them teach how to use computer to those who are interested. They convey them the messages that old age is not the end but a beautiful beginning wherein they can show a substantial path to the younger generations by their experiences.

Activities for Group For Blind, Deaf & Dumb : BMIT students go to schools of blind, deaf & dumb. They spend time with them and try to understand their problems. This helps the students to become aware of the difficulties faced by the people who are handicapped. They motivate them for various works to make them self reliant like making handicrafts, soft toys and singing.