Technical Forum - Achievements

  January 17-19 2014 : BMIT students 'Mukesh Nyol, Abul Kalam, Mahendra Singh, Hitesh Sharma' secured the I Position in RoboWar and Kick Off in 'VVISSENAIIRE' held at IIT BHUVANESHWAR.

  December 27 & 28 2013 : BMIT student 'Sachin Kumar' presented & published an paper on 'Response of Capacitor and Inductor to an Input impulse function' at International Conference (ICETEAS-2013) held at RCEW, Jaipur.

  November 29 - December 1 2013 : BMIT HOD in Mathematics, Dr. Dinesh Kumar & students 'Sachin Kumar and Surendra Kumar Saini' presented a paper on 'Implementation of Milne’s Predictor and Corrector formula in Digital Communication' at International conference (ICHDM-2013) held at JECRC University, Jaipur.

  September 17 2013 : BMIT Students 'MUKESH NYOL, RAVI KUMAR, HITESH SHARMA, DEEPAK AGARWAL, SHAHNAWAZ KHAN, PRADEEP GODARA & ABHAY TANK' secured the I Position in Robotics events 'SAKSHMA' held at Govt. Engg. College, Bikaner.

  April 12 2013: BMIT Students Sachin Kumar, Mamta Bhareeya & Apurv Anand Tekriwal presented a paper on 'Dynamic Control of UAV' in National Conference (EME-2013) held at GIT, Jaipur.

  March 20 - 22 2013 : MUKESH NYOL, HITESH SHARMA, PRADEEP GODARA & TIMAN PAL won first prize in ROBO RACE,PICK N PLACE & ROBO SOCCER in 'CITRONICS' at Chameli Devi Group of Institutions, Indore.

  March 15 - 19 2013 : BMIT Students Jyoti K. Shekhawat secured II Position in an event 'UP IN THE AIR' during 'APOGEE' held at BITS, Pilani.

  March 7 - 9 2013 : Sachin kumar, Shardul Swarnkar, Sangam kumari, Mamta Bhareeya & Ravinder kumar secured 3rd Position in Hardware Presentation in National Event (TICE) conducted by Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) at MNIT-Jaipur.

  February 27-28 2013 : MUKESH NYOL, HITESH SHARMA, VIPIN SHARMA & TIMAN PAL secured I Position in ROBO CUP, ROBOWAR-MARATHON in 'PANACHE' at VIT, Jaipur.

  January 23, 2013 : Rajesh Kumar presented & published an paper on "Signed Number Conversion" at Poornima Group of Institutions, Jaipur.