Internal Quality Assurance Cell @ BMIT-Jaipur

The Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) is formulated by the Management Committee for the purpose of monitoring the quality standards at BMIT-Jaipur.

Functions of Cell :

  • To develop a system for conscious and consistent improvement in the performance of Institution.

  • To channelise the efforts and measures of an institution towards academic excellence.

Internal Quality Standards :

  • Check for having sent the academic performance of the college to the parents.

  • Check for having sent the attendance particulars to the parents.

  • Industrial visits carried out.

  • Guest lectures arranged.

  • Industrial internship undergone by students.

  • Project work details (title, guide, industry where project is being done).

  • Project review details and marks.

  • Utilization factor of classroom, laboratory and computer facilities.

  • Mini project done by students.

  • Quality Circle Meetings.

  • Classroom and laboratory cleanliness.

  • Assignment (questions as well as answer submitted by student).

  • Question papers for Continuous Assessment Test.

  • Syllabus coverage.

  • Class notes uploaded for each subject on the intranet and checked for quality and content.

  • Course schedule uploaded in time.

  • Laboratory equipments are perfect operational stage.

  • Laboratory records.

  • Sample class notes taken by the students Innovative teaching (both laboratory & classroom) practices. Laboratory manual.