Hostel Activity Center Clubs & Communities

HAC is a group of various clubs headed by student and run by student volunteers under the guidance of hostel wardens. These clubs organizes various in house competitions and provides guidance to the interested and needy students. There are four main groups namely:

TML CLUB consisting of Technical, Motivational and Library clubs. This group of clubs works under the guidance of wardens Dr. Dinesh Kumar and Ms. Soni Choudhary.

  • Technical Club headed by students Ravi Maderna, Sachin Singhal, Rahul Rehlot. It provides opportunities to the students to improve there programming skills, technical skills, communication and soft sills through classes and lectures held after college hours.
  • Motivational Club headed by students Md. Adil, Narayan Bharti, Harshit Mehta, Sakshi Gupta. It takes care of each and every student to excel in life and plans goal of his future career through classes and group discussions.
  • Library Club headed by students Rahul Shri Shri Mal, Amit Goswami. It runs a open library for the inmate of hostels and looks after their needs of books and magazines.
  • ACS CLUB consisting of Adventure, Cookery and Sports clubs. This group of clubs is working under the guidance of warden Mr. Bhagirath Sen.
  • Adventure Club headed by students Ankit Roy, Shahbhaj Khan. It organizes various outdoor activities for hostel inmate such as excursion tours, tracking events, rock claiming etc.
  • Cookery Club is headed by students Aakansha Choudhary, Situ Bansal. It organizes various in house cookery competitions and helps in preparing innovative dishes in the mess to the satisfaction of students.
  • Sports Club headed by students Pushpendra Singh, Anand Kumar, Karan Singh. It provides facilities to the students and organizes outdoor games such as Volley Ball, Football, Cricket, Kabbadi and Kho-Kho and indoor games such as Snooker, Table Tennis, Badminton, Chess, Carrom
  • CDM CLUB consisting of Cultural, Discipline and Medical Clubs. This group of clubs are working under the guidance of wardens Mr. LunaRam Bera
  • Cultural Club headed by students Bikash Mishra, Karan Singh, Gautam Kumar. Various competitions and events are organized under the banner of this club such as Dance, Dramatics, Singing, Mimicry etc.
  • Discipline Club headed by students Dharmendra Kala, Kaushal Kishor, Rameshwar Manda. It look after all the arrangement related to discipline during the events, celebrations and competitions.
  • Medical Club is headed by students Subhash, Amol Ahri, Minakshi Patel. It cater the needs of inmates with the help of a well trained physician.It provides the needed help in case of emergency.