Hostel Activity Center

BMIT Hostel is second home away from home to hostel’s inmates at least for four years. Keeping this in mind, HAC (Hostel Activity Centre) had been established for the student which is organized by the student’s themselves under the guidance of hostel wardens. It is working excellently and fulfilling its objectives – involve students, gathers their needs and provide full chance to develop as good human.
Together with studies, BMITians should also develop themselves physically, mentally and socially, so that their over all development takes place.

They should learn to acknowledge and appreciate the efforts of fellow students. HAC is a base for hostler to develop him self as leader or mental for others and excel in every field of life. HAC is funded by institute management with open mind .To ensure that competition in the houses may be between equals and not one sided, all the inmates of different hostels are equally divided into four houses namely :

Shivaji House,     Tagore House,     Ashoka House   &  Raman House

Membership to these clubs is open to all the hostelites of BMIT. Members of these clubs are chosen according to their own interest. It is mandatory for all clubs to have one event each month, thus providing the students a platform to showcase their skill. Each student is encouraged to take part in the activities, as co-ordinator or participant.