Major Events in Year 2012 - 13

18th July: Orientation Day - A new milestone - was the theme of the event. The new session this year started with great zeal and enthusiasm on 18th July 13. The event was an in house event and was attended by students and Faculty members .Students shared their experiences of training and holidays.

5th September: Teacher's Day - The day was celebrated in the BMIT campus on 5th of September with serenity and respect. The entire event was organized by the event management team of SAC - Student Activity Centre.

11th September: Picnic for the 1st year students - There are a large number of clubs working under the broad spectrum of SAC -to develop and nurture various aptitudes among the students. In line with its mission statement, the Expedition club under SAC organized the adventurous Picnic. The picnic was organized for the first year students only, giving them a chance to know each other.

15th September: Engineer’s Day celebration - Engineer’s day was celebrated in the BMIT campus on 15th of September 13. Three events were held on this day: Quiz competition by English Club, debate competition and paper presentation. The topic of the debate was “ MMS in Mobile Communication: Boon or Bane”.

18th September: Picnic for the 2nd and 3rd year students: - On the behalf SAC & HAC, BMIT students took to the mountains and chartered the difficult terrain places like Bhangarh, Sariska and Bundi on 18th September 13. The event including transportation, staying and food arrangement was conceptualized and visualized by the SAC students themselves. These events are organized to foster team spirit among the students.

20th September: Personality improvement lecture - To encourage the students to inculcate the inter-personal skills like communication and managerial efficiency various classes and lectures are held in the college.

22nd October : Fresher’s Party 12 - Fresher’s party was organized by the 2nd year students of the college on 22nd of October 12 to welcome the first year students.The party was a jam packed event of glittering performances. The evening included lively activities like dances, mimicry, songs, skit and fashion show etc. The party ended with DJ party and dinner.

28th October 2012 - Deepawali Sneha Milan Samaroha - To keep the traditional values intact and to foster and nurture a feeling of belongingness, various festivals are celebrated in the campus itself, one such festival is Deepawali Sneha Milan Samaroha. It was organized on 28th October 12 in the BMIT campus. Sweets, flowers and best wishes were the call of the day. The event was attended and enjoyed together by students and Faculty alike.