Major Events in Year 2010 - 11

Farewell Ceremony 'BONVENT'- MBA Dept. on April 30th 2010 : – MBA – First year students of BMIT, Jaipur bid farewell to their seniors on 30th April 2010. Both the batches of students gave scintillating performances on stage. The junior students organized interesting games.The senior students participated in a fashion show. Later on the finalists were asked interesting questions. On the basis of the ramp walk and the Q & A round, Mr Abhishek Yadav was selected as Mr. BMIT and Ms. Neha Vashishtha was selected as Ms. BMIT. The event ended with a sumptuous dinner and energetic dances on the dance floor .

ADIEU 2010 - Farewell Ceremony Organized on April 24th : – Like every year, BMIT Students arranged a Farewell Party as a treat for their Seniors who shall be graduating this year on April 24th, 2010 in BMIT Campus, Jaipur. Zillions of Memories to cherish with a promise to cross each others' roads in the time to come.

Seminar on 'Pleasure of Bird Watching' - April 20 : – Prof. K.K. Sharma, President, Bird Conservation Society of Rajasthan, Ajmer will deliver an interesting seminar on "Pleasure of Bird Watching" with beautiful slide show in 2G7 Room (J.C. Bose Conference Hall) on 20th April, 2010. All the interested students and faculty, who are free during this time, are invited to attend. the presentation.

Electronics Dept. National Conference "MICA 2010" on April 8 – Microcontrollers have made a mark in most of the ruling technologies today. They play a key role in all automation work in any field, which are very much in use today and will prove to be a landmark in the days to come. With a view to all this, we at BMIT Jaipur organized the EC Conference 'MICA-10' in which newer and better application of microcontrollers emerged. This conference brought together on single platform various ignited minds in field of Technology and their knowledge session which proved to set landmarks in this field.

CITT - National Conference successfully held on April 5th, 2010 – The reign of the world of computers is overpowering the human society and as we move forward, the mankind is witnessing the growth of many technological advancements in the field of IT. To celebrate this technical uprising we, at BMIT organized an event meant to create history in emerging trends in IT. Hence the Computer & IT department of BMIT, Jaipur took the privilege to organize its National Conference (CS/IT CONFERENCE - 2010) in J.C. Bose Conference Hall (2G7) on April 5th, 2010. The topic of the conference was “Current IT Trends” A total of 80 presentations took place from morning to evening by people from all over the country including colleges like ITM, Gurgaon, Poornima Engineering College, Govt. Engineering College, Ajmer and many more.