Baldev Ram Mirdha Institute of Technology” Jaipur



             EE - CONFERENCE 2010 REPORT (March 23'-2010)



        Electricity Crisis in Rajasthan and its Solutions



Electrical Engineering Department of BMIT organized a National Conference (EE-CONFERENCE-2010) in the Conference Hall 2G7 on    March 23, 2010. The Topic of the conference was “Electricity Crisis   in   Rajasthan and its Solutions”.


The conference was inaugurated by Professor Y.K. Vijay at 9:50am. He was the Chief Guest of the function.   He is   the   Director,    Non- Conventional Energy Resources, Department of Physics, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur.  In his invited talk, he presented research work of his group related to the use of Hydrogen in automobiles. Hydrogen will be generated on board with the help of electrolysis of water using solar energy. Hydrogen Fuel cell fitted in the proto-type automobile which is in use at present, emits only 0.03% of carbon whereas petroleum product emits at least 0.79% carbon into the environment, so it is clean energy source.


 Another keynote speaker of the conference was Mr. S.P.Garg. He was the Executive Engineer   in Rajasthan Vidhyut Prasaran Nigam Limited, Jaipur.  In his speech he explained, different causes responsible for the electricity crisis in the state and also provided various remedial measures to sort out the problems. He mainly focused on the conservation of electrical energy. He also pointed out about some policies of Government like late night movies on Door-Darshan   should be avoided to save the electricity and unload the generators during peak-load hours. He also feels that the field engineers have to be monitored and effective measure must be taken to regulate   the voltage of the various transformers to conserve the electricity.

In this conference 16 papers by delegates from different part of Rajasthan along our faculty and students were presented on various issues related to conference. Three invited talks were also held during conference.



 “EE Conference-2010” related to main issue “Electricity Crisis in Rajasthan & Its Solution” was able to meet its objective in a full fledged manner. All the delegates of the conference brought out new and practical concepts, which were thoroughly discussed in the conference. Each and every one present in the conference was concerned about the electricity crisis not only of Rajasthan but of through out the country. With the development of lifestyle standers, more energy will require and consumed by each one of us. Young technocrats in making at BMIT must aware of the problem for handling properly by them in future. This conference, added & enhanced their knowledge and of other participants altogether.


Following two presented papers were awarded by conference judges:


First Winner                   Ms. Ritika Garg   -BMIT, Jaipur (Paper Titled - Nano Generators)


Second Winner              Mr. Jeetendra Sharma – MNIT, Jaipur


Our guest of honor was Mr R. K. Garg (Ex. En.  JVVNL)    &  Mr. S. P. Garg (Ex. En. RVPNL) in the valedictory function concluded the topic of conference nicely and brought the successful closing.