BMIT Fiesta 2007

BMIT FIESTA, an yearly ritual held at BMIT, is anxiously awaited by not only by the students of BMIT but also by the students of different technical colleges of Rajasthan and beyond. The two day long carnival is full of fun, frolic, excitement and above all a feeling of doing and getting into something different, something extra-ordinary, something beyond excellence. This year, it was even more special with the towering presence of Hon'ble Cabinet Minister for Science & Technology and Ocean Sciences Shri Kapil Sibbal. Eminent personalities like Dr. Chandrabhan - Ex Minister for Energy, Government of Rajasthan, Shri Harendra Mirdha - Ex Minister for PWD, Government of Rajasthan and highly learned academicians like Dr. R. P.Dahiya - Director, Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur.

BMIT FIESTA provides an ideal ambiance to the budding technocrats to show case their skills, their talent of make extra-ordinary out of something ordinary. The electrifying environment of the festival help students identify their hidden potentials and capabilities and at the same time teaches them some of the most important lessons of their life - working in team and achieving with team, respecting the capabilities of their peers, fighting and winning in the most healthy and fair way in a competition and above all accepting and learning from achievements and follies of their own and others.

The two day fun-packed event comprised of the technical inter-college events 'POSTER WRITING', 'AD MAKING' on the first day, wherein the students displayed their CREATIVE skills & their thinking abilities. Other events of the day includes ' COMMUNION' - inter college Group discussion event , QUIZzing - inter college technical quiz competition, Watch Word - an interesting JAM competition, Creative Writing and Solving Riddles/Puzzles competitions. The other day displayed that the technocrats are good not only when it comes to showing off their technical skills but also are the best when it comes to enjoyment - dance and party. This amazing side of the technocrats was best displayed at the cultural program ' ABHIVANDANA'.

For the event of 'POSTER WRITING', Mr. Arun C., HR Manager, HCL India Ltd., was the chief judge. Topics far beyond curriculum like were approached. Lalit Dhingra and Shikha Kumari of BMIT stood 1st while the second position was achieved by Gaurav & Anurag from Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur.

The very interesting and innovative products for 'AD MAKING ' included ubiquitous 'Mobile phones' , 'Inverters' , 'Pens' and the essential ' Inverters'. The chief judge for the event was Mr. Anil K.Singh, Director RAJCOMP. The event was hugely popular and attracted technocrats from various colleges. Kunal Bharadwaj of BMIT secured 1st position while the second position was achieved by Suwla Jyoti from Poornima College of Engineering, Jaipur

In the event QUIZzing, Shri Ashutosh Agarwal, HR Manager - Omega Electronics, Jaipur was the Chief juror. The team of Sidharth Agarwal & Nitin Sharma of BMIT stood got first while the team of Anirudh Singh and Dhermendra of Apex Engineering College were the runner up for the event.

Communion - the ultimate GD competition was hugely applauded and eagerly participated by the contestants. A total of 19 inter college team participated, the chief arbitrator for the event was Mr. Ajay K.Kulshreshta Director, STPI, Jaipur. Mr. Ajay Chaturvedi of BMIT secured the top position while Ankita Jain of Poornima College of Engineering stood second in the event. The topics for the group discussion involved some of the most burning and relevant issues of our times including Nuclear 'Family Vs Joint Family', 'Should the cold drink be banned' and the socio-political issue ' Politicizing of the Relegion'.

An interesting and a new competition in then form of Watchword (JAM) was also held and the topic varied from the most discussed 'Corruption' to a totally new way of looking at the teachings of Gandhiji - 'Gandhigiri'. Prof. Rajeev sharma of English Department of University of Rajasthan was the chief arbitrator for the event. It was a double whammy for the BMITians as bothe the first and second prized were won by Ankita Sharma & Surabhi Pareek of BMIT.

Another addition to this years events was Kreative - an inter college creative writing competition. The topic was aptly chosen to ignite the minds of the participants and live their craziest fantasies. Kunal Bharadwaj of BMIT stood first while Ankita Bhasin of Poornima stood second.

A befitting end to the two day long carnival was the glittering & gracious cultural eve 'ABHIVANDANA' - a perfect platform for the technocrats to showcase their hidden potential in the field way beyond academic curriculum. The highlight of the evening was the towering presence of Union Cabinet Minister Hon'ble Shri Kapil Sibbal, who through his magical words inspired the BMITians to achieve excellence in their respective fields. Other eminent personalities present on the dias during the closing ceremony were Dr. Chandrabhan - Ex Minister for Energy, Government of Rajasthan, Shri Harendra Mirdha - Ex Minister for PWD, Government of Rajasthan and highly learned academicians like Dr. R. P.Dahiya - Director, Malviya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur. Academicians, beurocrats and media in large number were present during the course of this function.

The vibrant evening comprised of prize distribution by Hon'ble Kapil Sibbal to the achievers, mesmerizing classical Indian folk dances, melodious singing performances, laughter skits, trendy ramp walk and as an icing to the cake a highly charged DJ party with mind blowing music and lights.

But as they say 'All good things come to an end' so the two day long event ended with great cheers and laughter. The event left an everlasting image and memories in the hearts and minds of all those who were a part of this lively festival.