Research & Development - Projects

Following Research Projects are currently being worked upon by Students of BMIT under the able guidance of BMIT Faculty members.

  DEVICE (Digital Electro Versatile Interactive Controlling Enhancement)
  Modulated Enhanced Global Warming Controller
  Power Plant Hybridization For Increment Of Efficiency
  High Frequency Solid State Transformer Based On PWM Generation
  Synchronization Of Electrical Step Down Transformer For Static Protectional Oil Controller With GSM
  Dynamic Electricity Meter With Automatic Recharging Using GSM Technology
  Autonomous Tracking Device Using GPS Mechanism For Detection Of Electricity Drainage
  Rectified Number Plate System For Vehicle Monitoring & Protection
  Advanced Location Finding Map System For Hospitals
  ATM (ANY TIME MEDICINE) Machine Prototype
  Autonomous Toll Plaza with Challan System
  Controlling of Speed Limits of Vehicles over Roads
  Centralized Controlling of Traffic Lights in Three Different Modes
  Biometrics Based Advanced Security System
  Ultrasonic Based Mapping Device
  RF Based Auto Pilot Mechanism
  RF Based Railway Automation System
   Working Model of Multi Level Robotic Parking
  RFID Based Seminar Hall controlling System
  Autonomous House Environment Controlling System
  Anti Fogging System for Planes and Trains
  RF Based Area Calculator and Path Finder
  Mass Terrain Rover Mechanism For Mapping of Unidentified Places
  Autonomous Internet Controlled House Keeping Management
  Microcontroller Based Human Body Scanner
  Time Controlled Device Management System
  Advance Farming and Agriculture Controlling System
  Rural Area Development System using Advance Touch Pad and Voice Command Mechanism
  Heavy Industry Automation System Using MEMS Technology
  Motion Sensor Based Automatic Premises Security System
  RF Technology Based Student Detection System in Campus
  Fiber Networking based Communication and Auto Synchronization between Various Home Appliances