Innovative Programs

Infosys Campus Connect Program :

Soft Skill Program :

Infosys under its Campus Connect initiative has "Soft Skill" training program for the partnering colleges like BMIT. These classes in-addition to the B.Tech. Curriculum is a one-stop solution for the training needs of the students.

Soft Skills are those that are crucial to an employee's ability to work "smarter". Some of the skills that are necessary for entry level employees include: articulation, competence in reading, writing, effective listening and oral communication skills; adaptability to cross cultural environment through creative thinking and problem solving. Enterprises define the entrants to be "Industry Ready" when they possess these soft skills.

The Soft-Skill program covers basically five modules for the training, namely:

   Business Communication Skills

   Intrapersonal and Interpersonal Relationship Skills

  Campus to Company

  Group Discussions, Interviews and Presentations

  Enterpreneurial Skills Development

Faculty Enablement Program (FEP)

The purpose of Faculty Enablement Program is to bring together the faculties of multiple engineering colleges like BMIT under one roof to discuss the coverage of Foundation Program (FP) and plan actions for roll-out in respective colleges.

The expected outcome of the event is a well-defined FP roll-out plan and faculty exposure to the Infosys way of professional training and sharing industry best practices.

The various modules under which the Foundation Program (FP) is rolled out are as follows

Faculty Sabbaticals : The purpose of Faculty Sabbaticals is to leverage the leading-edge technology knowledge of specialist faculty members to develop state-of-art industry solutions.

Technology Webinars / Seminars : The purpose of Technology Webinars / Seminars is to leverage the global projects' experience of Infosys to create awareness about the use of IT in different industries among students.

Sponsorship for Research Paper presentation : The objective of Sponsorship is to encourage faculty and/or students to enhance their learning in the field of Computer Science / IT.