Alumni Association - Aims & Objectives

The aims & objectives of Alumni Association, BMIT are to:

  Provide a forum to establish and maintain links between old students (Alumni), staff and students of BMIT, Jaipur.

  Enable the Alumni to participate in a activities which would contribute to keep the identity of the college in which they studied and help in general development of the institute.

  Promote interaction and networking among Alumni to achieve their professional goals and share experiences in business, trades, education, training and culture.

  Foster cooperation and fellowship among its members.

  Bring them together to exchange nostalgic feelings, ideas, thoughts, new concepts in science and technology, advance management techniques and other useful information’s.

  Keep the Alumni abreast of academic, scientific and technological developments of the institute.

  Institute prizes and scholarships and render financial help to the deserving students of the institute.

  Contribute to the welfare of the Alumni and the institute’s vision of being recognized among the world’s leading institutions in academics, research excellence, management study and innovations.