Unit 1
System configuration, basic characteristic, calibration, classification and performance characteristics of a instrumentation system, Specification and testing of dynamic response, Strain Measurement, electric strain gauges types, selection and installation, strain gauge circuits, temperature compensation and calibration, use of strain gauges on rotating shafts, load cells, Mechanical and Optical Strain Gauges.
Unit 2
Various Mechanical, Electro-Mechanical and Photoelectrical Sensors for sensing of displacement, velocity, acceleration, torque, force, temperature from low to high range, flow, level of fluid , pressure, angular speed, voltage, frequency and current.
Unit 3
Introduction to Multi-Channel Data-Acquisition System, measurement pods, Interface Hardware, data analysis software, interfacing, Concepts and examples of automatic control systems, systems by differential equations, transfer function, block diagram, open and feed back control systems, signal flow graphs and its constructions, control system components, error sensing devices and servo motors.
Unit 4
Control for mechanical systems and processes, speed control system for steam/gas turbines, constant tension, reeling system, electro-mechanical systems, thermal systems, pneumatic systems, mathematical models of physical systems, feedback characteristics of control systems, time response analysis, transient response analysis, time response specifications, steady state-error.
Unit 5
Concepts of stability, Routh-Hurwiz stability criterion, relative stability, root locus technique, use of construction rules without any derivation, frequency response analysis, polar plots, stability in frequency domain, bode / logrithmic plots, Nyquist stability criterion.

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