Unit 1
Kinematics: Elements, pairs , mechanisms, four bar chain and its inversions, velocity and acceleration, Klein's construction, coriolis component, instantaneous center method, synthesis of mechanisms, panto graph, scott- Russel, Tchbeicheff straight line, indicator diagram mechanisms.
Unit 2
Automotive Vehicle Mechanisms: Overhead valve mechanism, Davis and Ackerman steering mechanism, Trifler suspension and Hooke's joint. Power Transmission: Belts and ropes, effect of centrifugal force, creep, chain drive.
Unit 3
Friction: Laws of static, dynamic and rolling friction, dry and viscous friction, inclined plane and screw jack, pivots and friction axis, bearing, clutches, theory of film lubrication.
Unit 4
Brakes and Dynamometers: Band, block and band and block brakes, braking action, absorption and transmission type dynamometers, prony, rope and hydraulic dynamometers braking system of automobiles.
Unit 5
Cams: Type of cams, displacement, velocity and acceleration curves for different cam followers, consideration of pressure angle and wear, analysis of motion of followers for cams with specified contours.

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