Unit 1
Classification of Metal Removal Process and Machines Mechanics of Metal Cutting: Geometry of single point cutting tool and tool angles, tool nomenclature in ASA, ORS, NRS and interrelationship, mechanism of chip formation and types of chips, chip breakers, orthogonal and oblique cutting, cutting forces and power required, theories of metal cutting, thermal aspects of machining and measurement of chip tool interface temperature, friction in metal cutting.
Unit 2
Machinability: Concept and evaluation of machinability, tool life, mechanisms of tool failure, tool life and cutting parameters, machinability index, factors affecting machinability, Cutting fluids, types, properties, selection and application methods General Purpose Machine Tools: Classification and constructional details of lathe, drilling, milling, shaping and planning machines, tooling, attachments and operations performed, selection of cutting parameters, calculation of forces and time for machining, broaching operation.
Unit 3
Special Purpose Machine Tools: Automatic lathes, capstan and turret lathe machines, swiss automatic, operational planning and turret tool layout, sequence of operations, tracer attachment in machine tools, mechanical-copying machines, Hydraulic tracing Devices, Electric tracing systems, Automatic tracing. Abrasive Processes: Abrasives, natural and synthetic, manufacturing, nomenclature, selection of grinding wheels, wheel mounting and dressing, characteristic terms used in grinding, machines for surface and cylindrical grinding, their constructional details and processes, surface finishing, honing, lapping, super finishing, polishing and buffing processes.
Unit 4
Thread Manufacturing: Casting, thread chasing, thread cutting on lathe, thread rolling, die threading and tapping, thread milling, thread grinding. Gear Manufacturing Processes: Hot rolling, stamping, powder metallurgy, extruding etc. gear generating processes, gear hobbling, gear shaping, gear finishing processes, shaving, grinding, lapping, shot blasting, phosphate coating, gear testing.
Unit 5
High Velocity Forming Methods: (High-energy rate forming processes) Definition, Hydraulic forming, explosive forming, electro-hydraulic forming, magnetic pulse forming. Industrial Safety: Human factor in machine equipment safety, reducing industrial noise, precautions to be taken by operators for safe working on different machine tools.

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