Course/Paper : 108                                                            Max.Marks : 70


MBA Semester-I                                                                  Time : 3 Hrs




This course is designed to make the students of management familiar with the basic fundamentals and concept of computer. This paper shall prepare students to learn and acquire necessary computer skills required for day to day office application. The students will also be able to learn to solve business mathematical problems with the aid of computers.



.Introduction to computers- definition, a simple model of computer, fundamental, technical and commercial classification of computer. Characteristics of computer systems.Data representation and application- input and output devices Computer Memory, CPU, Types of Software - Application software, System Software-Operating systems and types. Softwares, Application Software’s Languages Windows and its applications-Windows Operating System. Elements of Desktop, Application Window. Document Window, Special Indicators. File Handling in Windows, Accessories MS Office and its application-MS Office Fundamentals & Components -  MS Word, MS Excel.MS Power Point, MS- Access.


Advantage and Disadvantage of IT Outsourcing, Telecommunication Concepts, Data Transmission and OSI layers, Local Area Network (Ethernet, Token bus, Token ring) Wide Area Network, TCP/IP fundamentals, Internet, Intranet, Extranet, The World-Wide Web.


Data Base Management System-Data Base Management System Objectives of Data Base Advantages & Disadvantages of DBMS.Hierarchical Model, Network Model, Relational Model. Normalization Process, Advance Technologies in Data Base Technology. Object-Oriented DB, Distributed DB, Client Server Systems.





Case study.